PSA campaign to feature Disneys/Pixar’s “CARS” Characters

The Advertising Council, in partnership with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) and Buena Vista Worldwide Home Entertainment, announced today the launch of new public service advertisements (PSAs) designed to encourage all Americans to wear seat belts.

The PSAs, part of the Ad Council’s longstanding seat belt education campaign with NHTSA, prominently feature characters from Disney/Pixar’s CARS, such as Lightning McQueen, Sally and Mater to help deliver the critical message of wearing seat belts in a family friendly way.

The seat belt is the single most effective protection against death and injury in a car crash, according to NHTSA. Research has found that lap/shoulder safety belts, when used, reduce the risk of fatal injury to front-seat passenger car occupants by 45%. In 2005, 31,415 occupants of passenger vehicles were killed in motor vehicle traffic crashes. Of the 29,186 passenger vehicle occupant fatalities for which restraint use was known, 16,172 (55%) were unrestrained.

“The Ad Council is thrilled to partner with Disney/Pixar and NHTSA in an effort to continue the success of our Seat Belt Education campaign,” said Peggy Conlon, President and CEO, the Ad Council.  “We believe that these PSAs will help educate adults and children that a seat belt is always a necessity and in doing so continue to save lives.”

“You don’t get a chance to save thousands of lives simply by waving a magical wand or using digital animation,” said NHTSA Administrator Nicole Nason. “Everyone, everywhere, should buckle up on every trip every time. It is a proven fact: Seat belts save lives.”

ed: Good stuff. I look forward to seeing this have a positive impact on the lives of our children.