Accolades for Disney Co and Iger

Bob Iger and the Walt Disney Company win another end of the year award, This time as SeekingAlpha’s Top Media Company.

What makes this twice as impressive is that it came on the heels of a major management change at the top. We’re not saying that Michael Eisner could not have delivered similar results, we’re just saying that usually when a new man comes on top, there is so much room for nightmare scenarios.

I disagree with that statement. Eisner could not have acheived the same results. Eisner could not have accomplished the Pixar merger, nor could he have
positioned the company as a force in today’s consumer driving media
market (although Iger still has plenty of work ahead of him in that
area, which he acknowledges). Iger has different world view than Eisner and the board of directors let Iger start remaking the company in that image a year before Eisner left (essentially as soon as Eisner announced he would be leaving). I’m excited to see where he takes it from here.