ABC News

ABC is making some mid-season moves to bolster it’s position as leader of the pack this year. We already discussed that they’re moving LOST back an hour to 10PM to avoid a head to head battle with American Idol. Now we learn that they’ve ordered more shows of "Show Me The Money" a game show of trivia and chance hosted by William Shatner.

Ugly Betty has been one of ABCs bigger hits and they’re bringing in some big talent to make sure it stays so. Rebecca Romijn, whose Pepper Dennis character was good, even if the show wasn’t, will be joining the cast of Ugly Betty and will take over the character of the mysterious masked woman. Better luck with this one Romijn.

Another piece on the radar is the ABC/ESPN move back into the world of NASCAR auto racing. USA Today looks at the career of Brent Musburger, who had some difficulties with the college football games this year. Musburger will be calling the races for ABC and I hope he brings some of his best game to the show.


But back to "Show Me The Money" for a minute. I caught my first episode of it last night and found myself enjoying the show’s format and the host. The dancing girls could have been replaced by TV screens, which would pick the pace of the show up, and allow them to play for more drama. I’d also like to see a version of this show where two contestants battle head-to-head with the option to ‘give answers’ to the other player that would have the possiblity of affecting the wins and losses. I felt really sorry for the one contestant who lost all her money after the ‘hidden stop’ was played and then failed to answer the question to get back in the game.