UK Tourists giving up on Central Florida

I thought I noticed something different about driving on the road these last couple months… nobody has been making left turns into the left lane or driving the wrong way down the road. Yep, the tourists from United Kingdom have given up on travelling to Florida. The Orlando Sentinel gives a few reasons why.

It’s a small drop this year, but we’re still counting on pre-booked packages. As European travellers realize how much cheaper it is just to stay in Europe, that number will grow.

1 thought on “UK Tourists giving up on Central Florida”

  1. I’d stay in Europe, too.

    The store I run depends largely on the British tourists. They’re not coming, and numbers are down. The problem for central Florida as a whole, of course, is that the Brits are the ones who stay for several weeks, off-property, and visit all the different parks, shopping centers, and entertainment venues. I used to do great business ordering brands of clothing and riding boots for British tourists because it costs half here what it does in Europe. But that’s really trickled down to almost nothing.

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