The Passing of the Yellow Skivvy

An article in the New York Times looks at how The Wiggles and their fans are handling the transition from the original Yellow Wiggle, Greg Page, to his replacement, Sam Moran. The kids appear to be handling it pretty well, but…

Mothers attending their concerts have been known to tell interviewers that they regard the nearly 6-foot-5 Mr. Page, among other bandmates, as a matinee idol, and in Australia — where the group is currently on tour — there is now a grass-roots “Wear Yellow to the Wiggles” campaign being organized “to say a proper goodbye to Greg.”

Page’s departure is not the first mega shift in Kid TV land. "Blue’s Clues" survived a shift from Steve to Joe and "Sesame Street" has endured many cast changes. Since there haven’t been any TV shows with the new Yellow Wiggle, it hasn’t affected my household yet. How are you and your kids handling it?

3 thoughts on “The Passing of the Yellow Skivvy”

  1. I’m sorry about it. Greg is definitely the Wiggle who’s easy on the eyes. My son is almost three and he hasn’t said anything. Greg wasn’t at the Studios concert he went to a few months ago, either.

  2. I am just crushed by this. i have not stopped thinking about greg for a week. greg has such a beautiful voice. more than that i feel bad for the group. it is obvious that greg and the other wiggles are incredibly close friends. i cannot imagin what it must be like for the lot of them going around the world, knowing your best friend is suffering thousands of miles away and knowing he will never really get better, and for greg having to walk away from hisn lifes work…..i fell bad for sam, trying to fill this spot in that relationship….there is a certain chemistry with the opther guys that i wonder if he could ever fill no matter how good his voice is……………..

    re: sam…his voice is gorgeous, he should be in les miz or soemthing. but greg studied childhood education, he is first a formost a teacher who happens to sing. sam studied theater. he is a performer first of all and he happens to be performing for children. i wonder if he will ever relate to the kids and even more to their families as greg did.

  3. I went to my 3rd Wiggles concert the other night, the first was 4 years ago and Sam was there filling in for Greg whose mother in law had passed away. The second, Greg was there, and now the third it was Sam again…It sounds weird when I say that something seems like its missing…IT IS…GREG! But not like that, it just seemed kinda incomplete. We did enjoy the concerts, all 3 of them, they were all awesome! Murray is my favorite, he came right up to us, and said hi to my son, they got our rose that we made for Dorothy AND made a big deal about it! But I am heartbroken for Greg, who would have thought that the youngest of the four would be the first to leave for something involving health. I hope he can get better soon, and maybe he can at least go back to singing. We love you Greg!

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