The Passing of the Yellow Skivvy

An article in the New York Times looks at how The Wiggles and their fans are handling the transition from the original Yellow Wiggle, Greg Page, to his replacement, Sam Moran. The kids appear to be handling it pretty well, but…

Mothers attending their concerts have been known to tell interviewers that they regard the nearly 6-foot-5 Mr. Page, among other bandmates, as a matinee idol, and in Australia — where the group is currently on tour — there is now a grass-roots “Wear Yellow to the Wiggles” campaign being organized “to say a proper goodbye to Greg.”

Page’s departure is not the first mega shift in Kid TV land. "Blue’s Clues" survived a shift from Steve to Joe and "Sesame Street" has endured many cast changes. Since there haven’t been any TV shows with the new Yellow Wiggle, it hasn’t affected my household yet. How are you and your kids handling it?