Disney’s ToonTown MMORG now Mac Ready

Disney runs two MMORGs, Virtual Magic Kingdom and Toontown Online. Only the former has been Mac compatible until last week. Now all Disney fans will be able to log on and enjoy the family oriented fun of Disney’s Toontown. 

Both MMORGs involve players completing quests for prizes (swag for VMK players and gags in the case of ToonTown) and the chance to interact with each other and various Disney characters. Keeping two healthy MMORGs running is good practice for the Walt Disney Company as it tries to expand into other areas of the web. I’d like to see what Disney could do with a Second Life style MMORG.

Personally though, I can’t tell you what the world’s Disney created are like, because once I log onto a MMORG, it tends to monopolize all my time. So I just stay away. Anybody care to share their experience on ToonTown or VMK in the comments below.

3 thoughts on “Disney’s ToonTown MMORG now Mac Ready”

  1. toontown is rather fun. i haven’t played it in a couple of years, but i did for months when it first came out.

    they’re continuously adding new content to make it more interesting and challenging, but it’s very non-violent and incredibly family friendly.

  2. I am addicted to ToonTown (well, not really but I do enjoy playing it and so do my kids). I’m getting a new computer later this year and am really excited about ToonTown being Mac-friendly now. I have had a HUGE old PC taking up space on my desk just to play ToonTown with. :) YAY!

  3. I’m sorry to let everyone down, but toontown online is still not compatible with mac and the other one isn’t either, whenever you click to enter the website, it doesn’t display anything but the bottom of what would be the toontown online page.

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