Welcome Cody Davis

Today I’m happy to introduce a new contributor to The Disney Blog. Cody Davis has an analytical writing style that will bring a new dimension to The Disney Blog and I’m pleased he’s agreed to join up.

Cody Davis fell in love with Disneyland as a child and his passion for all things Disney continues to this day. He is an electrical engineering student at the Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology in Terre Haute, IN, but still finds time to visit Disney at every opportunity. He is near-fluent in Japanese and recently spent time studying at the Kanazawa Institute of Technology (and managed to sneak off to Tokyo Disneyland for the weekend). Apart from his engineering experience, he also has an analytical business perspective that he hopes will be a significant contribution to the Disney community. Cody previously wrote for his “Yesterday, Tomorrow, and Fantasy” Disney blog.

Stay tuned. His first post should be arriving shortly.