Who rules the CG Animation Roost?

Seeking Alpha runs the numbers and tells us what Disney execs probably already know, Dreamworks and Pixar’s duopoly on CG Animation is over.

One need look no further than this month’s box office for another indication. What happened this month? Well, the animated penguin musical Happy Feet had a great opening weekend …. They even beat out the newest James Bond film.

I’m not sure I agree. One good weekend out of a year of poorly performing computer animated films does not a coup make. If anything, I think the absense of a CG property from Pixar or Disney is making it easier to make this argument. Dreamworks lost their dominance a long time ago.

2 thoughts on “Who rules the CG Animation Roost?”

  1. Yep, seems like that might have been a planted article.

    I’d say that the undisputed champ here is Pixar, and that will probably be true for some time to come.

  2. “Dreamworks lost their dominance a long time ago.”

    Shrek 2 just made almost a billion worldwide two years ago. Last year Madagascar made half a billion.

    If “a long time ago” is something you’re counting in time increments of a year or two, you aren’t realistically gauging the timeframe it takes to make an animated movie.

    If Dreamworks has lost their dominance, something must have topped Shrek 2. What film was that?

    The top two companies are without a doubt Pixar and Dreamworks, especially if we’re talking about “dominance.” I take dominance to mean as a market force, and not some asthetic taste judgement of whether the movies are to your liking or not.

    If anyone’s going to say there’s 2 top companies, they pretty much gotta be Pixar and Dreamworks. You can’t count Dreamworks out with Shrek 3 coming soon and all the great other projects they’ve got going.

    Good for the folks at Animal Logic with Happy Feet. They’ve had two good weekends now, and I hear it’s a very good film. If it plays all Christmas season, which it very well might, it may even get up there in the top ten.

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