Nemo: Where’d Coral Go?

I saw Finding Nemo – The Musical again this weekend. At some point this week I’ll write up my thoughts on the show, the changes they’ve done, and a few small areas they still need to work on. I have a few more curtain call photos to upload too (and possibly another recording or two).

As I watched the shows yesterday and today with my son, it’s my son’s favorite show at the Disney parks now so he wants to go often, I remembered watching Finding Nemo for the first time in the theatres back on May 30th 2003.

My wife was pregnant with our future son and I looked forward to sharing and growing with him just as Marlin and Nemo grew closer in the film. Now I am using the "Finding Nemo The Musical" stage show to do some of that quality time and learning. At the end of the show when Nemo says "I love you, Dad" I can’t help but hear my son saying the same thing and it makes me feel all warm inside.

At the opposite end of the show is the death of Nemo’s mother Coral. Haven’t had to deal with that particular fact of life yet. But many parents have. Here is one touching story of how a mom dealt with her son’s question of "Where’s Coral" when watching the Pixar movie, "Finding Nemo" at home.