The Frog Princess gets new musical composer

The news of the switch from Alan Menken to Randy Newman on Disney’s upcoming Hand-Drawn animated feature "The Frog Princess" didn’t strike me as that odd. Perhaps because I enjoy both artists music equally (differently, but equally). For those who were looking forward to a reunion of Menken with directors Ron Clements & John Musker for a rebirth of the modern Disney musical, it was a bit disappointing.

In doing some research on the matter Kushal, a CG animator working in Canada and author of the Sea of Waking Dreams blog, discovered this very interesting fact that really justifies Newman’s addition:

It SEEMS, The Frog Princess could be Disney’s first African American
princess, in a New Orleans-ish setting with a Jazz soundtrack and not a
very theatrical soundtrack! And that might explain the preference of Randy Newman over Alan Menken. I
can honestly say, IF this is a fact…am actually excited by this
decision and its about time Disney shook things up in this direction!

I’m excited too!

2 thoughts on “The Frog Princess gets new musical composer”

  1. My seven year old African American niece, saw the potential pictures of “Maddy” the full body and the head shoot versions. If Disney would like to listen to its targeted audience, this seven year old commented “that brown princess (full body) will look as beautiful as the other princesses.” She did not view the head shot version as beautiful or at the same “princess level” of the other Disney princess characters.

  2. I am so exited its about time. I grew up watching disney princesses I’m still a kid now but this is enlighting and full of encouragement.

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