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The Frog Princess gets new musical composer

The news of the switch from Alan Menken to Randy Newman on Disney’s upcoming Hand-Drawn animated feature "The Frog Princess" didn’t strike me as that odd. Perhaps because I enjoy both artists music equally (differently, but equally). For those who were looking forward to a reunion of Menken with directors Ron Clements & John Musker for a rebirth of the modern Disney musical, it was a bit disappointing.

In doing some research on the matter Kushal, a CG animator working in Canada and author of the Sea of Waking Dreams blog, discovered this very interesting fact that really justifies Newman’s addition:

It SEEMS, The Frog Princess could be Disney’s first African American
princess, in a New Orleans-ish setting with a Jazz soundtrack and not a
very theatrical soundtrack! And that might explain the preference of Randy Newman over Alan Menken. I
can honestly say, IF this is a fact…am actually excited by this
decision and its about time Disney shook things up in this direction!

I’m excited too!