Mary Poppins – new music harmonizes with old

USA Today looks at how the music of the Broadway version of Mary Poppins merges with and builds upon the classic tunes from the movie. Richard Sherman, one half of the brother pair who wrote the original  numbers met with George Stiles and Anthony Drewe, the young duo who composed the new songs.

Stiles and Drewe, who had worked with Mackintosh before, learned of the producer’s plans, and after watching Disney’s Mary Poppins on video drafted a song called Practically Perfect,
a description Travers’ nanny applies to herself. Unbeknownst to the
pair, the Shermans had considered the same title for a number.

"When we first met, they were nervous," Sherman
recalls. "I was kind of nervous, too, eager to hear what would happen
with our mutual baby. Then they played
Practically Perfect and I flipped. The first thing I said was, ‘That’s one of the best songs I ever wrote.’ "

I’m very much hoping to get to New York City to catch a performance of this one. What do you think the chances are that it will still be running when my 3-year old is old enough to appreciate it too?

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  1. I saw the new MARY POPPINS live stage musical in London last December. It is fantastic. Funny, moving, thrilling special effects (though not high tech) and amazing performances.

    I also saw the very FIRST public screening of the original movie, MARY POPPINS, at the Grauman’s Chinese Theater in Hollywood, and saw it many times after in theatre, TV, video, etc. As a kid I read many of the origianl stories and was delighted that with the musical they didn’t just put the movie on stage (like a flat and cheap Disney theme park, Kids-of-the-Kingdom-lypsync show.) The music is old classics and brand new songs, laced through a familiar story with new twists and thrilling moments from the origianl books.

    This show will run a very long time. Get you tickets NOW before it sells out. Buy the London CD and enjoy the music before you see it.

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