Garden Grove courting themepark developers

One thing Disneyland has enjoyed for it’s 51 years of existence is no close competition. Sure, there is Knott’s Berry Farms, but it’s a 25 minutes drive away (if you don’t hit any traffic), and Universal Studios (1 hour away). Definitely doable if you have your own car, but more difficult without such transportation (Universal did have a free shuttle this summer, don’t know if it continues). But there was nothing just down the street.

Garden Grove, Anaheim’s neighbor to the south and west, wants to change that. They’ve been working on a plan for 4 years now to attract a theme park developer to move in and take over a plot of land that is just 10 minutes down Harbor Blvd from Disneyland. You could practically walk that from most hotels in the area.

City officials are at the IAAPA Expo in Atlanta this week working their plan for the 3rd year in a row. It’s probably going to be a tough job this year too as the amusement industry is in rough straights right now.

More at the Orange County Register.

Btw, IAAPA returns to Orlando next year. Color me happy!