Celebration at Ten

This weekend is Founder’s Day in Celebration, FL (wikipedia) the town that Disney built. It marks the end of the first decade for the experiment in suburban planning also called New Urbanism. By some measures it has been a great success. For instance, there is a real sense of community there. On the otherhand, it has never full matured as a town with residents still having to leave the community to pick up many of life’s essentials (such as groceries).

Celebration also walks the fine line between being someone’s home and being a tourism destination. It’s not always an easy line to walk as you see in Barbara’s account of Halloween in her fair town. The town continues to add new homes and will be adding hotels and hotel/condo’s over the next few years, plus continued growth in the downtown area. What I want to know is where they plan to park all those cars?

For more read this Orlando Sentinel article that looks at Celebration and where it stands today. Or drop in on actual town residents at their online forum. Congratulations Celebration! May your next 10 years be just as interesting!

(Photo thanks to Josh!)