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The Game Plan resumes filming, a report

Jeff sends in this report from the set of Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson’s next film "The Game Plan." Back in June the filming had to be postponed when Johnson suffered an injury.

The Game Plan is in production this past week since about late september 2006.

They started filming again up here in the Boston area at Gillette Stadium and might have only a few weeks left of non stadium filming before putting a wrap on things.

I was an extra a security guard on the side-lines for the film. And actually got in a few of the big scenes in the superbowl.

In the last scene when the girl is up on the rock’s shoulders the players are all jumping around and throw up their hats with confetti around….and such I am right behind them….The camera is facing my direction so you might catch a glimpse of me. I was also in the camera’s line of site in the corner of the end zone when they catch the winning touchdown.

It was really cold at Foxboro for the shoot, and its amazing that the Stadium is supposed to be "Arizona" . Each time the director said picture up we had to remove our coats and wait through the scene in our t-shirts. ;) It was about 30-50 degrees most of the day too both days. Brrrr.

But it was worth it. I got within 10 feet of the rock at one point and I got to walk on the field in the patriots in between shots.

A once in a life-time experience and I have some of the confetti I picked up as a souvineer of the experience.

Nothing like watching the Boston Rebels players do confetti angels in between takes, like the patriots doing snow angeles at the snow game in foxboro stadium. And how often do you get to talk to some of the patriots cheerleaders who by the way were in the film as rebels cheerleaders :)

The director was great and funny and kept people interested in the film. He really did a great job considering the weather conditions we all had to endure.

Thanks for filling us in Jeff. Please keep in touch.