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EPCOT Center 1982 – the soul of Florida’s Disney Project?

It’s been a very interesting week over Jordan’s The Pickle Barrel blog. It starts out with a visit to Weeki Wachee Springs home of the famous mermaid show ( ). Unfortunately the springs is operating on the fiscal edge and could once again use some help modernizing the kitsch. I agree with the Jordan’s sentiment that it’s a nice thinkg places like Weeki Wachee Springs are still around. I think our nation suffers a bit everytime we lose a sideshow attraction.

The rest of the week has been devoted to EPCOT. Starting with Part one and continuing all the way through Part four today, Jordan looks deeply into the soul of the park as it was built in 1982. In the reflection it’s plain to see what’s missing from today’s Epcot. Imagination.

Epcot Central Blog takes this one step farther and links the success of the Walt Disney Company to the eb and flow of Epcot. Very interesting concept.

(Info on the Save our Tales campaign to save Weeki Wachee Springs)