Mary Poppins flies off the track, shows cancelled

Both the London and New York performances of Mary Poppins experienced technical difficulties in their performances yesterday. As a result, performances were cancelled and patrons were offered refunds or the chance to reschedule their attendance.

The evening performance of "Mary Poppins" at New York’s New Amsterdam Theatre was canceled shortly into the second act after the mammoth Banks family house, a large imposing structure, went off track, Tom Schumacher, producer and president of Disney Theatricals, said.

Schumacher came on stage to talk to the New York audience as stagehands tried to fix the set. He likened the mishap to a California house coming off its foundation as the audience giggled. "You New Yorkers love to laugh at California," he said.

I wonder if Londoners like to laugh at California too. Just a few hours earlier the performance at London’s Prince Edward Theatre was cancelled for technical difficulties.

As long as the house doesn’t drop on anyone’s head. That’s a whole different musical. (Link)