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Engineering Students Participate in Imagineering Contest

Susan Chaityn Lebovits writes about an Imagineering contest and what two students at Franklin W. Olin College of Engineering in Needham came up with.

"Our idea was to create a video capture system throughout the park," said Michaelidis, who grew up in Hyde Park. “To take still-frame shots — like photos of visitors with Mickey Mouse — and video footage of guests on various rides and turn it into a DVD of your day at Disney."

The team also developed the technology to make it work. Visitors to the parks would wear a Radio Frequency Identification wristband — a bracelet that emits a radio signal recognized by receivers all over the park. The receivers would be located in anything from statues to street lamps, so Mickey would know not only who you are but where you are.

The 21-year-old mechanical engineering students also designed reception rooms where guests would be greeted by name, interact with Disney characters on a big screen, and view footage of themselves on rides.

Many people can think up a good idea, but being able to express it in a winning presentation is another thing.  The article talks about the presentation, too.