Drexel Heritage Walt Disney Signature Furniture Line

Drexel Heritage, maker of upscale furniture, has announced a new line of furniture based on the life and times of Walt Disney. The Walt Disney Signature line looks almost like you’ve walked onto a Hollywood set of a studio maven’s office from the 30s or 40s (althought Walt’s offices at the time were not so lush).

The Furniture collection, which will include an integrated assortment of iconic case goods for the home, were all inspired by furniture from Walt’s home and office, yet modernized for today’s consumers. The brand essence captures and illustrates a time in Walt’s life and reflects a sophisticated elegance with moments of Disney whimsy

View a preview of the furniture at Drexel Heritage.

Looks nice, too bad I’ll never be able to afford it. How about an IKEA line of Disney inspired furniture, eh?