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Grey’s Anatomy, over the line?

TV Squad asks if all Grey’s Anatomy fans are crazy. They have a sampling of questions from a recent appearance of Chandra Wilson on the new Rachel Ray show.

The first woman gets up and asks "What’s Dr. McDreamy like in real
life?" Um, first of all, he actually has a real name (and he’s not a
doctor). Patrick Dempsey. Maybe you’ve heard of him? Fans like this
scare me. It’s not that I don’t think they can separate the TV world
from the real world. I’m sure they can. It’s just that fans like this
don’t even bother to go with the real world option first, they’re so
wrapped up in "how great that show is!"

McDreamy? Is this an ad for McDonalds or a TV Drama?

It gets worse from there. (link)

1 thought on “Grey’s Anatomy, over the line?”

  1. Hilarious!! That’s as bad as some of the daytime soap opera fans out there!

    (Not that I’m bashing soap fans, I’ll confess that General Hospital is a guilty pleasure of mine. lol)

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