Life in Celebration, FL

Barb has begun posting on her Celebration, FL blog again. Sadly, one post is about the demise of the Barnie’s Coffee shop location and it’s eventual conversion to a Starbucks. This has been in the cards for a few months, but the reality of it still shocking. I’m going to miss the breakfast items they had there.

Barb does have some good news, however. The horse drawn carraige rides are back. Celebration, FL never really reached the state of ‘down in the dumps’, but it has dragged a little bit recently. It will be nice to see some life pumped back into the area.

1 thought on “Life in Celebration, FL”

  1. It is kind of sad seeing it all come to an end it’s been a long hard battle. We finally decided to buy our mother in-law a townhome down here and can’t wait for the closing next month. I’m hoping she enjoys it down here as much as we do. We took the plunge 3 years ago and made the big move and haven’t looked back. So, many friends and good times.

    love ya all

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