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Nightmare Before Christmas in 3D

Themed Attractions has a great look at Nightmare Before Christmas and it’s many facets in the theatres and in the theme parks.

For the last two years I have attended Halloween time screenings of Tim
Burton’s Nightmare Before Christmas at the El Capitan Theater in
Hollywood. This film plays a very special part of my life because it is
one of the Disney (Touchstone) films that my wife and I treasure
together. I got to see it at a special screening on the Disney Studio
Lot many years ago. Our sons can recite the entire thing almost word
for word, and our 9 year old Zach does a pretty good imitation of most
of the Halloween Town inhabitants. We have assorted Nightmare treasures
scattered about our house. Jack Skelington stickers on our cars. Did I
mention we dig the movie?

Now it’s coming out in 3D in theatres. What’s next? Nightmare Before Christmas the Broadway Musical? Hey, if they can make Avenue Q work, why not Jack Skellington?