The New Voice of Living With The Land

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Living With The Land, the boat ride in The Land Pavillion at Epcot, has done away with the live announcer and moved to a recorded voice. Here\’s a selection of the new narration I heard on my ride on September 28th, 2006

(I’m experimenting with a new website called Jumpcut and videos shot with my Canon Powershot A95 Digital Camera. Please let me know what you think.)

1 thought on “The New Voice of Living With The Land”

  1. i was happy to hear that disney was going to bring consistancy to that attraction by adding the soundtrack, but now that i see it in action it makes me a little sad. the boat looked very empty. the voice wasn’t very “disney” i expected a woman’s voice like they used to have in the beginning of the attraction. oh well. i am sure i will learn to love it eventually like everything else at epcot.

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