Why the Future of Television is LOST

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An article in Time magazine takes a close look at ABCs hit TV show LOST and how it might be shaping the future of television, well at least a few new shows this season.

How did Lost escape the cult-show graveyard? Partly because it’s just
TV genius. But also because TV has changed–and because Lost changed
TV. Many of the changes that threatened old-fashioned TV–the rise of
the Internet, new technologies, a fragmented audience with new
entertainment options–have made Lost successful. It won over
Internet-centric viewers who are supposed to be bored with TV, and it
benefited from technologies like iTunes, DVRs and DVDs that some were
worried would be the end of TV. It took the attributes that would once
have made it a cult failure–eccentricity and complexity–and used them
to harness the power of obsessive, evangelical fans.

Read the rest of the article at Time.com or visit the Lost Fan blog (mentioned in the article) or The Lost Blog for more upclose details.