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Meet MickeyWiki.net. It’s a fun wikimap, a wiki in which all articles are related to a location on a map and navigation between articles takes place within that map, of Disneyland. It has interactivity built in so visitors can add points and information about different places in the park and grow this great resource.

Right now they’re looking for volunteer contributers to go in and add details about Walt’s original Magic Kingdom. When this is filled in a bit more I’m sure it will be real wicked googly! (sorry, the word wiki just makes me think of cricket somehow or possibly "in the wiki, wiki, wiki, wiki, wiki room") In the meantime it needs your help.

2 thoughts on “A Sticky Mickey Wiki”

  1. That’s really cool! I just added our personal little corner consisting of the Baby Care Center and the corndog stand. I threw in 1st Aid too while I was there.

  2. Great idea, but the interface needs work. Selecting the hand or arrow is very clunky and the extra sliders to move and zoom are unneeded. Google Maps already has built in controls. Plus the map area could be larger with a much smaller header, no width constraints and less ads.

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