Disney Papercraft Trouble

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Was sent a link to this marvelous papercraft model of Paris Disneyland’s Sleeping Beauty Castle, er… Chateau de la belle au bois dormant. As I usually do when I’m reminded of Disney paper craft I went on over to The Disney Experience to see if they had anything new. They did not, in fact, they have been forced by unscrupulous individuals to take down all of their plans and models and to reconsider the whole value of the website. Looks like their plans are being resold commercially at Alibaba.com without permission.

The resolution is that now they must sell the plans on CD instead of offering them for free. Too bad. Meanwhile, if someone can help them file a DCMA with Alibaba that might help set things right.

3 thoughts on “Disney Papercraft Trouble”

  1. The Castle is beautiful, must have been a lot of work!
    I know the Disney Experience, the website is amazing and so are the paper models, it’s a shame that others are making money out of his hard work :(

  2. This Castle is amazing. Can you provide a link to get to it? I’d like to get one. I love to build these and Disney is my favorate.



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