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Epcot Where have the Beaver Tails Gone?

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I know this isn’t exactly breaking news, but Epcot no longer sells the Beaver Tails in Canada. These were flat dough deepfried and dipped in cinnamon sugar. Growing up in Portland, OR I knew them as Elephant Ears when we bought them at the Saturday Market. Coming to Walt Disney World for the first time in 1997 I was pleasantly pleased to find them again. I’m fairly sure they were gone in 2004 when I visited in November, although I think I was told they were a seasonal item. However, I’ve been here since March of 2005 and the Beaver Tails appear to be permanently gone.

Returning Beaver Tails to the forlorn looking booth in Canada would be one step that Epcot could make as a birthday gesture when the park turns 25 next year.

I have one more change Disney needs to make to sure guests they’re serious about offering a quality product. Hide the Soarin’ show building. When seen from just about every vantage point across the lagoon from Canada, the Soarin’ show building is a giant eye-sore. Unless the sky is a perfect match to the blue paint, the building absolutely ruins the artificial vista created by the castle and Canadian Rockies.

Giving some imagineers, not the ones who built the show building there in the first place, a decent budget to camoflauge the monstrosity would be the right thing for Disney to do.

Canada gained it’s formal independance from the United Kingdom in 1982, the same year EPCOT Center opened. That’s a great tie-in and if you added in an updated O’Canada film and a new attraction/restaurant on the upper level of the pavillion, then you’d have something worthy of a promotional tie-in to Epcot’s 25th Anniversary Celebrations. But you better get started now.