No Fireworks For SeaWorld San Diego

Seema Mehta and Jennifer Delson of the Los Angeles Times tell us that SeaWorld San Diego has suspended its fireworks shows and plans to seek a permit. With the heavy regulation of the California coast, it is perhaps another reason why Walt was right about not building Disneyland at the beach.

A threatened lawsuit by an environmental group prompted SeaWorld San Diego to scrap its fireworks shows for the rest of the year, and beach cities are wondering if heightened scrutiny by state regulators will make fireworks for the Fourth of July and other traditional celebrations too expensive to support.

Environmentalists "are pushing the envelope and, yes, it will be troublesome for any agency firing over water," said Dusty Crane, spokesman for the Los Angeles County Department of Beaches and Harbors, which shoots fireworks off Marina del Rey for Independence Day, the annual Christmas boat parade and New Year’s Eve.