Universal to close Back To The Future

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Universal has announced that rumors about the closure of Back To The Future are true.

Back to the Future was one of the original rides when Universal Studios
opened in 1990 and for many years was considered among the most
advanced simulator rides in the world. The anticipated closure has
fueled an Internet petition drive to get Universal to change its mind.

I’m not so sure I’d sign that petition. Even when BTTF was new I wasn’t happy with its execution. Rear seat passengers had a partial view, cars on the top or bottom rows and those on the far sides didn’t get the same quality ride experience of those cars in the middle of the room. You could look over your shoulder and see other cars in the attraction. Plus capacity was an issue.

What Universal has now is two IMAX screens just begging for a new attraction. If imatiation is the sincerest form of flattery, Universal should be thrilled because Soarin Over California has always reminded me of a dumbed down BTTF. Now they can repay Disney the favor.

My suggestion for the space? fix the ride vehicle problem and go with something more generic and capable of handling multiple programming variation. Then film 3-4 different genre’s of film where you join the film in progress. Guests could return to the ride four times and get four different experiences. Universal has always promised to ‘put you in the movies’. What better way to do it?