Things that make me happy…

Seeing the Liberty Belle back on the river at the Magic Kingdom made me very happy Sunday night. A little bird told me that she’ll be loading passengers again as soon as September 9th. They’ll probably have to refresh the training of its cast members and finish up on the maintenance of the dock area. But I understand it’s otherwise ready to go.

The Liberty Belle had been sitting backstage for months with what I heard was a critical hull failure. It was so bad that Disney was afraid to tow it to the dry dock because that meant it would go through guest areas and they didn’t want to chance that it would be be sunk in the lagoon with guests riding past it the next day. But a few months ago they did make the move to the dry dock. Now, weeks before I expected it to happen, the Liberty Belle is back on the Rivers of America, bringing some much needed signs of life to the otherwise idle river.

One thought on “Things that make me happy…

  1. natalie Reinert

    Liberty Belle did at least one run around the River today with CMs and managers on board. I passed by a couple of managers leaving the blocked-off riverboat landing. They were smiling and one said “that was easy,” so I guess she’s go for guests again!

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