Florida Braces for Impact from Hurricane Ernesto

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With Central Florida still well within the potential path of Tropical Storm Ernesto (which could be Hurricane strength again by morning) there is a lot of breath holding going on around here. The National Hurricane Center issues updates every three hours and, of course, the local news is doing a bangup job of tracking the storm.

The path and strength of Ernesto remains in doubt, but everyone is predicting huge amounts of rain from the slow moving storm. If you’re in Orlando on vacation, just strap on those sandals and grab a pair of ponchos. You might not be able to enjoy the pool or some outdoor attractions and entertainment, but Disney Cast Members are usually at their best when the skies darken or times get tough.

There is still plenty of Disney magic to go around. At worst take this time to tour the hotels and try to spot as many Hidden Mickey’s as you can. I recommend Breakfast at BOMA in the Animal Kingdom Lodge, Lunch at Olivia’s at Old Key West, and Dinner at either Ohana at the Polynesian or Whispering Canyon Cafe at Wilderness Lodge.

Tomorrow evening might be a good time to bring back some extra water bottles, snacks, books, and playing cards. If you’re stuck in your room Wednesday you’ll need something to eat and drink. This is especially true for those whose rooms don’t open to interior hallways. Check with the front desk any evacuation instructions and the location of a safe room should the windows break in your room.

Remember, be safe and cautious around severe weather, fallen trees or powerlines. Disney magic can sometimes obscure real dangers, when in doubt, call for help from a cast member with radio. Please be careful and stay safe!