Hong Kong Disneyland Fireworks

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Surfing for Disneyland videos on YouTube, I found this well done video of the Disney in the Stars fireworks show from Hong Kong Disneyland. A couple things are notable about it. One is the way the new Sleeping Beauty Castle was designed to work well with projections and how the show director has total control of the lighting. This is put to great effect in the show with even a few scenes from movies projected on the castle.

The other is the broad use of low-level fireworks. HKDL sits very close to two neighborhoods of Hong Kong and early tests had residents complaining of noise and air pollution. It’s nice to see that Disney can still put on a magical show even without using the big boomers like they do in the state-side parks.

My only complaint with this show is the apparent lack of synchronization between the fireworks and the soundtrack. The fireworks, while used dramatically and impressively don’t sync up with what would be the logical cues in the music. This may be an artifact of the video or the filming location, however.