Proof that Disneyland still has the magic

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There’s probably an average of a wedding proposal a day at Disneyland and I know Walt Disney World often hosts 5-10 weddings a day at its various venues. Here’s the story of one couple’s engagement that proves Disneyland still has the magic touch:

We all sat down right in front, on the streets extremely early because Mike really wanted to see the parade for some god awful reason, and right before it started he stood up in the middle of main street in front of thousands of people and said " If I can get everyone’s attention, a year ago today I met this wonderful person"…..everyone started cheering. " and I brought her here today to ask for her hand in marriage." Then he got down on one knee and pulled out the ring…..ya I started crying.  Just then one of the managers from Disneyland came over and gave us free Mini and Mickey bride and groom ears.  They then escorted us to front row seats for the fantasmic light show.  We were treated toVIP service for the rest of the night.

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