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Invincible with Mark Wahlberg opens this Friday in theatres everywhere. The buzz is good for this one. Plus the timing is great with the kick off of College and NFL Football Season right around the corner.   

This Interactive Playbook for the movie just arrived in my inbox. In a series of clips from the movie, you’ll be able to follow Vince Papale’s (Mark Wahlberg) path as he goes from fan to professional football player.  Normally I wouldn’t be interested in watching a bunch of spoilers before I see the film. But I’ll make an exception for ‘true life story’ movies.

The progression of clips includes:

  • Clip: The Streets of Philly – In a game of streetball, Vince (Mark Wahlberg) shows off the skills that help him go from #1 fan to professional football player. 
  • Clip: Open Tryouts – After Dick Vermeil (Greg Kinnear) decides to hold open tryouts, a motley crew of wannabe players line up to give it their best shot.
  • Clip: Training Camp – Watch as unlikely rookie Vince (Mark Wahlberg) learns to navigate the NFL. 
  • Clip: First Game – As the season opens, will Vince (Mark Wahlberg) have what it takes to make it in the NFL?
  • Clip: Regular Season Home Opener – At the season’s home opener, Vince’s (Mark Wahlberg) friends turn out to see his hometown debut as a Philadelphia Eagle.

You can also visit the Invincible YouTube channel for all those videos, interviews, and more. (Great idea Disney!)

Invincible opens August 25th.

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  1. I love how Disney is embracing channels like YouTube (they did it for POTC too). New Line kind of lucked out with the Snakes on a Plane Internet hype (lucked out may be too generous since the movie only did $15 Million). While New Lines was unintentional, Disney is trying to do it on purpose.

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