High School Musical Stage show. Rehearsals Underway

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The kids at Stagedoor Manor, a premier theatre came in New York, are the lucky first crew ever to stage a production of Disney’s High School Musical. Rehearsals are now underway and Reuters and the New York Times has a look at how it’s going.

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  1. Will the stage show have the original Disney cast, including Vanessa Anne Hudgens? And are there any plans for the show to come to London, UK?

  2. There is no official “stage show” with the original cast. Most of the stage shows around the country are put on by local schools and theatres. Such as the one mentioned in this post.

    There is a ‘Concert Tour’ that ends at the end of January. Some members of the original cast are in this tour. But it is not a retelling of the movie, just a chance to sing some of the songs from the movie and some of the actors own songs. (And plug their CDs.) Zac Efron is one of the actors who is NOT on the tour.

    I’ve not seen the Concert TOur. But I hear the production value is good. However, some do leave feeling like they just attended a two-hour Disney commercial.

    Thanks for reading The Disney Blog, and I hope that answers your question

  3. Zac is really cute he is my picture on msn and every one is seemin to love him but me especially zac i wish i could meet you but there we are

  4. My school is producing HSM ( High School Musical). The stage show is much better than the movie. Rehearsals just started let you know hows it going.

  5. Hey guys, I’m a cheerleader in our schools shot at HSM, and apparently were gonna be the first school in the southern hemisphere to put it on!! But a slight warning to anyone wanting to try it, Disney, as a major business tycoon, are very strict with what u can and cant change with the script, costumes, and characters, not that thats a bed thing, just very difficult to get things exact, eg. Kelsi isnt aloud to wear a bowler hat :P

    Email me if u want- [email protected]

  6. i so luv hsm and im playin GABRIELLA in r school production so ive been rehersin all me lines lately!:)

  7. Just wanted to find out how I can get hold of the ‘HSM on stage’ cd. Has it been released as yet?

  8. I hope you guys talking about doing the show at your school don’t go to James Hubert Blake High School. Because at nationals this year, that show was terrible. The only thing that was good was the set and that’s because Disney funded it.

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