More on Meg Crofton, new WDW President

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A bit more on Meg Crofton the new President of Walt Disney World. Crofton, the fourth executive to lead Walt Disney World since it opened in 1971, is also the first female to hold that position. She is not however, the first woman president of a Disney Resort, that honor went to Cynthia Harriss, who served as the Disneyland Resort President from 1999 to 2004. Harriss now is President of The Gap.

The Orlando Sentinel comments on how Meg Crofton appears to have come from no where to lead the largest employer in Orlando.

Many Central Florida business and civic leaders were at a loss to comment on her promotion. Several, including Universal Orlando President Bob Gault and Orange County Mayor Rich Crotty, said they didn’t know her.

"I have heard the name, but I honestly couldn’t tell you where [which department] she came from," said Donna-Lynn Dalton, a Disney union leader.

It’s funny because an HR executive works hard to make sure their name stays out of the news. If their job is done well, they’re hardly noticed at all. Meg Crofton must have done a fabulous job.

Finally, Susan Strother Clarke‘s column details some of the challenges that await the new WDW President.