Disney stands behind Gibson’s Apocalypto, will distribute

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Disney has waived off the rumors that they were shopping around the distribution rights for Mel Gibson’s Apocalypto and confirms that they will release it as scheduled on December 8th. Gibson has been in some hot water since uttering racist slurs during an arrest for DUI last month. Gibson has since apologized and entered a treatment program.

Since Mel Gibson was supposed to lead the publicity charge for this film, I have no idea what Disney plans to do now. Plus, can someone tell me exactly what the market is for a film that uses a dead language and a dead culture to tell the thrilling story about the end of a civilization. Except for the dead language part (well, throw in text messaging and we have that too), aren’t we living this movie right now?

Wow… apparently there is an Apocalypto Watch blog! Tons more news and links there!