My Eyes, My Eyes… but it’s for a good cause is an organization fighting to maintain net neutrality (meaning no internet highway tolls or tiers of service). It’s what allows mom and pop websites to operate with the same packet priority as AOL or Disney’s. It’s a good thing and if you haven’t written or called your congress critter in DC to voice your support for continued net neutrality then you should do so at your first opportunity.

As part of WeAreTheWeb’s campaign they’ve created a video that starts some of the internet created celebrities. I’m posting this on The Disney Blog because two of my favorite Disney Internet Stars made it on… yep it’s Peter Pan and Tron Guy.

You know, the world is a better place because the internet gave us those two guys.

2 thoughts on “My Eyes, My Eyes… but it’s for a good cause”

  1. I hate to bring politics into the discussion on this wonderful blog, BUT — “net neutrality” is little more than code for “government regulation.” The internet has grown and thrived precisely because the federal government has largely stayed out of the business of regulating its structure and organization. “Net neutrality” would simply invite Washington bureaucrats in to begin telling those who operate and produce material for the internet how and may they do so. “Net neutrality” doesn’t “help” mom and pop websites; it would strangle the internet as we know it. See more here:

  2. I just now saw this blog entry, and have to reply to Amy’s comment:

    The problem with the “hands off” approach is that there’s no lever for the market to push on. I believe in the free market, but how am I going to choose which backbone provider my traffic goes over? I can’t. If I can’t make that choice, then there’s no way for me to use my economic power to convince backbone providers not to discriminate against my traffic.

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