Reciprocal Linking and URL Change update

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It’s been a long time since I’ve posted a call for reciprocal linking. However, due to the nature of the recent incident with The Disney Blog being inexplicably delisted from Google’s Index, I’m having to rebuild its page rank from scratch with a new URL.

If you currently link to The Disney Blog, I’d appreciate it greatly if you could update your links and bookmarks to If you don’t link to The Disney Blog I’d appreciate being added to your links list. Drop me an email and I’ll add your blog to my Reciprocal Links list*

For those of you who subscribe to my RSS feed subscription the best feed is now at – for the majority of you there is no change here.

URLS for the two other Disney subject matter blogs have also changed to the new URL: Movieland – The Disney Movie Blog is now at and MouseGoods – The Disney Merchandise review blog is now at

Finally, if you can give me any other pointers on how to recover from the delisting, I’d appreciate it. Traffic is a little better, but no where near what it was before this.

— Thank you again, John.

Please note: I can only link to blogs that have PG-13 content from The Disney Blog. However, I’d be happy to link to your blog reciprocally from my personal blog.