Hong Kong Disneyland… more bad news reports

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Shaun Rein of the China Market Research Group at SeekingAlpha takes a look at Disney’s theme park presence in Hong Kong and reveals the results from his guest suvey. Disney should be concerned.

Respondents said that the park was "Too small without enough rides," and that "It was not catered properly to Chinese crowds." Many respondents said that they had heard "such bad things about Hong Disney" that they would "cancel planned visits" because of the Spring Festival ticket disaster this year, where Disney was unprepared for the large number of visitors from mainland China. They were also put off from protests in Disney by cast members unhappy with working conditions.

Not good. Word of Mouth marketing works both ways. I don’t think this is the good kind.

In other Hong Kong Disneyland news, it’s not good either, there have been water quality problems at the UFO Land water playground. Disneyland, USA had similar problems with their Tomorrowland fountain. It’s now gone to Yesterland (although mostly for maintenance reasons).

I really want Hong Kong Disneyland to succeed, and I’m sure Disney knows they’ve got to get some fixes in over there (and fast), but it seems odd that the bad news keeps coming out. If they’re making any changes, It doesn’t look like they’re helping.