Disney World ups admission price

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Beginning this Sunday Walt Disney World will raise the cost of its basic 1-day admission ticket to $67.00. That’s up $4 from current prices. This is the second price raise in less than a year. Last January the price went from $59.75 to $63.00. For those of you playing along that’s a 12% increase in 8 months.

If you’re planning a trip to Orlando in the next few months right now would be a good time to log onto the DisneyWorld.com website and buy your tickets online with the no expiration option at the current low prices. Sunday it will be too late.

2 thoughts on “Disney World ups admission price”

  1. Did they give a reason for two increases in less than a year? Do they realize that most pepole have to budget a vacation? This is not a place for families anymore.

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