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New Domain for The Disney Blog

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Please update your links and bookmarks to  and your feed subscription to

— Thank you, John.

Read the extended post for a little behind the curtains information.

You may or may not have noticed that The Disney Blog’s address was dropped from the Google Search Index last week. I don’t know what is going on there, but the custom domain name ( is still in the index. So I’ve domain mapped everything on the main blog to the custom domain in hopes that the blog gets crawled by Google again (and soon!) and that all the archives and comments seep back into the index.

What does this mean for you the reader. Hopefully nothing. All the archives from the old blog are still there at the old URL and at the new. You probably should update your bookmarks to the new shorter URL: If you link to The Disney Blog from your website, I’d appreciate it if you update your link to the new domain. RSS feeds through Feedburner will remain the same, however you may need to update other RSS readers to point to the new feed: .

All my other blogs, including Movieland and, remain unchanged for now. If you find a link that needs fixing please comment here or send me an email and I’ll fix it. Hopefully everything will resolve itself in the next couple of days. Finally, if someone at Google can give me an explanation for why The Disney Blog was dropped from the Google Index in the first place, I’d appreciate it.