Resort President Cakewalk

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Does anyone even do Cakewalks anymore? We used to do them all the time in grade school back in Portland. Every family brought in a cake or a pie and you walked around until the music stopped. If you were on the right spot you won a cake. Of course, there was always that one cake that no one wanted. Collapsed partway with licorice frosting, it stayed on the table till the end of the night.

Disney Themepark executives must feel like they’re on their own cakewalk. With the Disneyland Resort President post on what seems like regular rotation and the Walt Disney World President post posting a long term vacancy sign, who knows where you’ll land.

Scott Powers at the Orlando Sentinel Florida Tourism Blog lays out who the main players are.

1 thought on “Resort President Cakewalk”

  1. I’m guessing ol’ W’s law which keeps homemade items and all sugars out of the classroom will end the cakewalk as we knew it (much like it did to bakesales and birthday celebrations).

    As for the job opening at Disney World? Yes, I’ll take it. I would love to see, but won’t hold my breath, for Disney to hire someone that loves the magic not the numbers. Luckily, Bog Iger seems to understand that you have to spend money to make money and has started to fill the company with idea men rather than yes men.

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