Disney Pin Craze Fading Away?

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Scott Powers writes at the Orlando Sentinel’s Tourism Blog that Disney has decided to scale back its support of pin trading at its resorts.

Is pin-trading on the way out? If so, it’s likely to be a long, slow
decline. Disney pins are everywhere. It seems as if Disney produces
them for everything. And everyone buys them. Trading is omnipresent.
And Disney promises big, new pin-trading activities associated with the
upcoming Year of a Million Dreams campaign.

Yet some Disneyana collectors say the thrill is not what it used to
be for pin collecting. If there are 30,000 different Disney pins out
there, and millions of people have them, the novelty might be getting a
little thin.

Disney’s official pin trading rules ended up creating a new genre of Disney fan. The Pin Shark. A busy pin shark can make a good(?) living trading and selling Disney pins. Disney is more than willing to satisfy this market. But in the end, that edges in on the fun the rest of us more casual pin fans have and many thousands of us have turned away from the craze. For those reasons and about a dozen more Pin Trading needs to be scaled back.

The only question is what will replace it? Those $7 and $8 pins make great souviners for those on a small budget and Disney isn’t going to just give up that income. WDW tried trading cards, but that craze never materialized. The new trend of unique mouse ears is cute, but those are a little harder to carry around and trade.

Any one have an idea of what should be next?