Big News for Walt Disney Feature Animation at Comic-Con

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Animation World Network reports back from Comic-Con 2006 with the state of the animation industry. The biggest news is that Eric Goldberg confirms the rumors that Disney has a 2-D hand drawn animated feature underway. The Frog Princess will be headed by The Little Mermaid‘s directors Ron Clements and John Musker.

Other treats from the Mouse House include the first trailer for Pirates III, which features some new characters including a pirate from Singapore played by Ken Watanabe (The Last Samurai). And a preview of some special features from the DVD of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe.

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9 thoughts on “Big News for Walt Disney Feature Animation at Comic-Con”

  1. Confirmado: Disney vuelve a las 2D

    Grandes noticias de la Comic-Con 2006. Disney anuncia que se está trabajando en un nuevo proyecto de animación tradicional: The Frog Princess. Lo están dirigiendo Ron Clements y John Musker, los responsables de La Sirenita. Vía The Disney Blog.

  2. I think you mean to say that Chow Yun Fat (of Hard Boiled and Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon fame) is in Pirates 3, not Ken Watanabe. Unless Watanabe is also in the movie, but I don’t believe he is.

  3. it is fantastic news to hear the traditional animation has not been lost. for those of us who dreamed through the animated triumphs of the 90’s, to hear there would be no more was earth shattering. it did my heart greatly to hear disney is not giving up on the traditions it promised would never stop doing (done in 1994. said they would not stop doing traditional animation)
    walt would be pleased, and proud

  4. The Stephenson Family

    This email is intended for Disney.

    In regards to the upcoming movie, The Frog Princess, we love the idea and appreciate that Walt Disney is finally presenting its first African American Princess.

    However, we are not so delighted about the princess wearing the title “Frog”.
    It is with deep desires and passion that we urge you to change the Princess title- to something a lot more charming.

    Be Bless

  5. If Disney really wanted a black princess lead, the musical AIDA would be a much better choice for the animation. The upcoming Frog Princess does not resonate well.
    Speaking of animation, Disney should stick to the refined animation format similar to the hits Aladdin, Little Mermaid. The animation style used for Hercules, Emperor’s New Groove aint that appealing and should prevent using that style in the future.
    Emperor’s School the TV series already used the Frog Princess theme. Disney can use that series episode on movie/film format.
    In regards to the musical AIDA, I heard that it has great musical scores. It has better storyline since the rivals in love are really not that devious (like Princess Amneris).
    So hoping this little shout would resonate the halls of Disney management.

  6. When will Disney produce AIDA (animated) film?

    This is just to rattle Disney a bit. I mean concerning the great storyline potential of the musical, it would be a better choice to pioneer a black princess storyline.

    The story of Aida can be used to introduce no just one black princess but two who struggle between love, friendship and duty. In the end one must make the greatest sacrifice to save friendship and love in the guise of performing a duty (perhaps by faking a death sentence).

    Anyway for all its worth, male bonding has already been depicted on several Disney films like Emperor’s New Groove, Aladdin , etc. Aida would be a great vehicle to show female bonding by having two female leading characters.

    The artistic style should be similar to Aladdin or Little Mermaid.

    So everyone shout AIDA !!!

  7. As one of a few people who have seen the Broadway show AIDA many, many, many times (original cast,right down to high school)I have to say it’s a win win option for a movie. Theater goers of all ages will love it and Disney will profit huge. Every time I’ve seen it with a first timer their response started with WOW. If Disney is going to produce the movie I hope they stick to the Broadway music. My kids ages 2 to 16 all love it. Our three year old saw it at our oldest child’s high school and she said she liked it better than Annie.

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