Crunch time for Mobile ESPN

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Disney’s mobile telephone and sports new service Mobile ESPN is a flop.

Mobile ESPN is estimated to have 30,000 users by the end of the year,
compared to the 240,000 predicted when Disney launched the service in
February. Merrill Lynch & Co. analyst Jessica Reif Cohen said in a
report that the service will cost the company about $80 million this

Hmmm. Maybe the studios isn’t the only place Disney should be looking to cut back from. No, I mean the prices. Sports stories and scores are available all over the internet these days. Mobile ESPN just isn’t competitive with getting scores emailed to you on your blackberry or sidekick. Why would someone want to add another service.

Okay, I just went over to Mobile ESPN and the prices appear to have been lowered a bit. But that $24.99 a month for the total package still sticks out as too large. What do you say, did you look at Mobile ESPN and say no? If so why?