Rediff Interview with Johnny Depp on Captain Jack Sparrow

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"I’m Surprised Disney pays me," says Johnny Depp in this excellent interview at Rediff. And unless Depp is pulling our collective legs, you get some behind the scenes knowledge of how he does his character development too.

The other thing that helped me with Captain Jack was playing Barbies with my kids. It’s a great way as an actor to experiment with voices. I’d start to assume the character of Captain Jack with the Barbie and my daughter would go, ‘Um, Papa, could you just do your regular voice?’ I did the same with Willy Wonka.

He also talks about how he developed Jack Sparrow’s unique swagger while undergoing extreme elements in his sauna.

Did I ever tell you about the time when Johnny Depp almost came to our wedding. He was staying at the Grand Californian the same night as our ceremony in what is the presidential suite equivalent. The maid of honor road up in the elevator with him and they both got off on the concierge floor. We told her she should have asked him to attend. Would have been great fun!