Rascal Scooters becoming a problem?

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Are mobility scooters supposed to be reserved for those who have a disability that would prevent them enjoying a day at the theme parks, or are they available for anyone that just wants to save their energy for a night out on on the town? This article reports on the growing use of the Sidewalk SUV by the non-disabled at themeparks, large stores, and even just around the neighborhood.

Disney properties appear to have a policy of not requiring proof of disability to rent a motorized wheelchair. This is at least in part out of the desire to not be in the business of diagnosing what might be an unseen injury or disability. But the article goes one step farther to imply that Disney doesn’t mind that non-disabled are using the Rascal Scooters (as Jim Rome likes to call them) as it means more cheese in the mouse’s vault. Interesting.