Millions of People see new Disney Logo and hardly a peep!

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I can’t believe I still haven’t seen Pirates Of The Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest yet. This weekend for sure. The funny thing is I’m almost as excited to see the new Walt Disney Pictures logo that was attached at the front of P2.

Rumors of a replacement for the old white castle on blue back ground logo ("Look. A Castle Movie," says Indigo. That’s how he knows its a good film, which doesn’t explain why he likes The Black Cauldron, however.) have been floating around for a few months. The Hollywood Reporter article explains what went into creating this new one.

The execs tapped Disney producer Baker Bloodworth and director Mike
Gabriel, both Oscar nominated in 2004 for the animated short film
"Lorenzo." Gabriel devised three different treatments, created animatic
storyboards, showed Aviv and Cook the frames and re-worked the designs
until everyone was on board. Academy Award-winning studio Weta Digital
in New Zealand was chosen to animate the story and add visual effects.
"We chose to go to the world’s best (visual effects) studio, where they
specialize in live action/real-life simulation," Aviv said.

Aviv also tapped John Sable and John Blas from within
Disney’s marketing division to design the logo’s new 3-D typography.
When the imagery was 80% complete, the studio enlisted composer Mark
Mancina ("Tarzan") to write a new musical score that was recorded with
a full orchestra. The score’s production was overseen by Chris Montan,
president of Walt Disney Music.

What’s odd about this is how much of creating this important company icon was outsourced. Disney used to be pretty good at creating real-life simulation. Anyone see Dinosaur?