What should Disney do with all it’s Pirates Loot?

Well, besides green-lighting 4, 5, and 6 in a few years, how about buying up a little of the competition. It just so happens that Six Flags is considering selling most, if not all, of their amusement parks. Disney could apply their guest service and themed entertainment expertise to turn these properties around. Set them up like an ESPN, with their own branding, tv channel, marketing experts, but sprinkle copious amounts of Disney magic around.

While some say it would be right to close Six Flags Magic Mountain if Disney buys it, I think that if Six Flags Magic Mountain were turned around it could be that third Southern California Park Disney had been looking for. Sure it’s a 2 hour trek from Disneyland on a good day, but Disneyland is drawing in pretty good numbers itself right now.

Sound far fetched? Remember this post six months from now.