How does Orlando’s Pirate Ride Stack UP?

The Walt Disney World version of the Johnny Depp plussed Pirates Of The Caribbean attraction has been soft opening and The Orlando Sentinel captures some of the reactions. I plan to visit it myself this weekend. Apparently the WDW management didn’t want to spring for all the upgrades and props that California got. So while we still get three Captain Jack Sparrow figures and the water mist effect, we miss out on a lot of the little details.

It’s a shame, because it’s an example of the settling for ‘good enough’ habit that got Disney in trouble when Michael Eisner was in charge. I was hoping that things would change some with Iger in charge. I guess the next barometer will be Epcot’s 25th Anniversary next year. I hope they plan to throw a huge party.

2 thoughts on “How does Orlando’s Pirate Ride Stack UP?”

  1. I think that’s sad too. I live in Jacksonville and go to Disney a lot. I was hoping the would make both attractions the same. I’m just glad i’m visiting DisneyLand for my birthday in September.

  2. If I recall, making both the attractions the same isn’t possible. Isn’t the Disneyland version a longer ride? Perhaps this isn’t a case of WDW being cheap, but not needing as much due to the shorter ride?

    Just a thought. I’ll be out there this weekend, hoping to see the movie and hoping to ride the ride.

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